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Going short can be a difficult decision especially if you are not accustomed with short hair length. While the idea of choosing a pixie hairstyle can sound tempting, many women fear that the cut won’t suit their face shape.

pixie cut

Pixie haircut is the latest trendy haircut among the ladies. Many young girls can also carry this haircut. Pixie haircut is actually a very short haircut and it has much further styles and colors. In 2013, pixie haircut is a very trendy haircut seen among many celebrities and TV stars. These haircuts look gorgeous and give a unique look to the young girls and ladies.

The pixie look is a great wash and wear, easy care style that works well with an oval, round or angular shaped face. Women who go with a pixie cut should experiment with bolder eye shadows and liners, to draw attention to this key beauty asset. Learn what are the things you should take into account before choosing a pixie hairstyle, depending on your face shape.

Some of the best pixie haircuts of  2013 are:

1.  Oval-shaped faces can pull off just about any look — especially one that’s as bold as Charlize Theron’s pixie. The short fringe draws attention to all her features. This cut accentuates the eyes, cheekbones, and full lips, so it brings out her beauty completely. There’s nothing you’re going to hide and not hide with this cut — everything is out. The cut is fitted to her head shape with just a little volume, which works for her, because of her oval face shape.


2. For round faces, the goal is to make it more elongated by providing height at the crown, which Goodwin does here with the extreme teased texture. The back is almost a barbershop boycut. A girl has to have so much style and confidence to wear a barbershop haircut; it’s definitely not for everybody.


3. For a heart shape face, you want to add height to elongate the face. Mulligan’s texture at the crown gives her balance, while her sides are kept flat to keep the face elongated. The short fringe draws major attention to her eyes and cheekbones. Also, since heart shapes tend to have wide foreheads, the side-swept bangs help narrow her forehead. This pixie cut is perfect for those with small faces, striking eyes and high cheekbones.


4. Square face shape. Women with square-shaped faces look great with pixie cuts featuring wispy bangs. They should also try soft edges and light layers to avoid making their angular jawline appear too harsh. Women with square faces often have cheekbones that are about the same width as their forehead. Try a style that will soften your look, such as a razor cut with side swept bangs. Cate Blanchett rocks the ideal pixie cut for a square face, with hair that shorter in the back with long sides that fall over the ears.


Summer is around the corner so why not make a dramatic change. Pixie cuts are ideal for summertime as they help keep you cool and are super easy to style. Many women worry that pixie cuts are not as feminine as longer styles, but this is certainly not the case.

Pixie cuts can be very cute and flirty and work well with any type of hair – both thin and thick. While pixie cuts generally look best on women with oval-shaped faces, women of all face shapes can sport this look.

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Source: totalbeauty, Yahoo!Shine

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