Top 10 Jewelry Trends 2014

Excited for getting a peak on all the best 2014 jewelry trends?


As we look into the jewelry trends of 2013 we must get excited with the surprising new materials and new color combinations. The introductions of plastics and candy, pastel and fluorescent materials will make the 2014 years so yummy. On a more classic note 2014 is also marked by the return of the vintage Victorian look, geometric shapes and well as a focus of the natural and tribal look of a variety of cultures. Please indulge yourself in this page and hope you can find here great advice on what to wear and buy in 2014.

1. Edgy Ear Cuffs

Ear Cuffs

The latest and the most interesting jewelry trend for 2013 is the new and fresh concept of the ear cuffs. We have always been adorned by small and large earrings as well as pierced ears that could be adorned from to to bottom, but the concept of ear cuffs is totally new, and although the might look heavy many ear pieces can be quite ergonomic embracing our ears to perfection.

2. Snakes are Back!

Snake braceletWith every year we can always see a strong motif jewelry trend and 2013 is the year of the SNAKE. Snake accessories have been seen in most high end designer’s collections and have as always been translated into more fashionable and inexpensive trendy pieces that you can find in your favorite stores. A Snake bracelet and a snake ring are a must, but what is really innovative are the long and linear snake earrings that can be very delicate rather than the normal aggressive snake look seen in the passed years.

3. Spiked Jewelry

Spiked Jewelry

Until few years ago spiked jewelry and accessories were easy associated with being punk and grunge. But in 2014 spikes are simple everywhere and you can bet that even soccer moms are rocking this season with a variety of spiked accessories such as bracelets, chokers, rings and even shoe and handbags.

4. Oversized Watch

Oversized Watch

A new trend slowly coming back in 2013 is a mixture of a oversized watch with additional jewelry to create a full but at the same time casual look.

5. Bold Cuffs

Bold Cuffs

Another way to add a spark to an outfit is to add a bold cuff bracelet to the mix. This year in particular we will be seeing a lot of simple and streamlined cuffs that are often simple when it comes to design but bold when it comes to metal finishes and colors. This trend will also be reflected in other accessories as well, such as handbags, belts and shoes. A great way to mix and match would be to add a simple metal cuff together with a metal belt and you will be simply ready to go!

6. Metal Link Chains

Metal Link ChainsMetal link chains, specially large metal link chains are one of the most popular trends for 2014. They will not only be seen in jewelry but also will be incorporated into a variety of accessories such as handbags, shoes and even belts. So be sure to be chained up for this year!


rose gold jewelry

White and yellow gold are timeless classic metals and jewelry made in silver and gold are constantly in trend, however from decade to decade we always see the…. Return of the Rose Gold Jewelry Piece in the runway shows, indicating that the rose gold trend is back on! This amazingly colored metal adds a touch of femininity to any jewelry piece and for 2014 Rose Gold Jewels will be exuding Glamour. Be sure to grab a piece or two in this soft rose colored metal and join us in this girly trend.

8.  Neon Color Blocking Jewelry

neon jewelryAnother vibrant trend that started in 2013 and will continue to carry on in the year of 2014 is NEON jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets are a great way to add color to an outfit and this year you must invest in bright and vivid neon colors. With many designers betting on this trend you will be able to find neon jewelry in a variety of materials. Plastic beads and chains are so in, neon colored metals and neon rhinestones are also a super hit.

9. Geometric is back

geometric jewelryGeometric jewelry is definitely back in 2013 giving you the opportunity to re-use some of the pieces that you already have in your jewelry box. But if you need an update and would like to purchase few pieces you should focus on distinguished pieces that emphasizes on repetition as well.

10.  The Victorian Antique Inspired Jewelry

Antique Victorian Necklace

One of the great inspirations for 2014 is the Antique look, and after few runway shows I noticed that the Victorian era has been one of the most popular among many high end designers.

Hope you enjoyed our latest trend of the 2014 year. Hope you were able to find some inspiration in this yearly jewelry trend guide that I have compiled and researched just for YOU!

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